ALIBEL FOODS is espcialized in supplying FRESH and FROZEN VEGETABLES and FRUITS, Our products are available in ORGANIC AND CONVENTIONAl. We have a wide network of suppliers not only in Spain but all over Europe. We offer produtcs that suit the highest standards of quality , like those required for the Elaboration of Baby Food. We also accomplish with any particular quality requirements policies, as the one provides for trading in USA’s markets. We offer GOOD QUALITY foods at a FAIR PRICE and a service oriented to customer satisfaction.


Our aim is to help customers to grow their bussines providing solutions to their needs , speeding up the process of buying and
guaranteeing the quality of the products at reasonable prices.


To be: Customer’s number one choice for our good quality service, strong commitment and efficiecy. A company with credibility, professionalism that provides solutions. A transparent and reliable company.

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C/ José Selgas 15.

Las Torres de Cotillas. CP 30565

Murcia, Spain

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Mobile: +34 681 622 085

Office: +34 868 108 998


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M-F: 9:00 - 18:00

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